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About Us

Dynamic Dallas skyline at dusk, near Children's Safari Private School, representing urban growth and educational opportunity.


Established in 2008 in Mesquite, Texas, Children's Safari Private School upholds a tradition of excellence that prioritizes academic achievement and Christian values. Following the Frog Street curriculum, we provide a comprehensive educational experience while proudly holding a Texas Rising Star (TRS) 4-star accreditation, reflecting our unwavering commitment to early childhood education's highest standards. We strongly believe in the vital role of families in a child's education, working together to ensure every student's success. At Children's Safari, we celebrate diversity, cherish family values, and guide students toward a brighter future, creating an exceptional learning environment where Christian principles, the enriching Frog Street curriculum, and TRS 4-star accreditation come together to foster personal and academic growth.


Fractal Education Group is dedicated to providing early education that embodies our core values of promoting social-emotional development, inclusivity, and personalized learning. We believe in creating a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment for every child, fostering growth and development. Our commitment is to tailor our educational approach to each child's unique needs and interests, emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning.

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Children engage in interactive play at Children's Safari Private School's enriching and fun outdoor environment.


At Children's Safari Private School, we provide faith-driven family education with experienced educators and a Christian curriculum, ensuring a nurturing and high-quality learning environment. As a TRS-certified school, we uphold the highest standards in early childhood education. We foster a strong sense of community through special events and maintain a safe, clean environment with hospital-grade cleaning supplies. Our engaging safari-themed play areas make learning fun and exciting, enhancing children's development. We are committed to offering a supportive and enriching environment where every child can thrive and grow.


At Children's Safari Private School, we prioritize strong leadership and a positive learning environment to provide children with a solid foundation for success. Our focus on early education enhances academic performance, social skills, and lifelong learning, ensuring each child is well-prepared for the future.



Education Director

Abbie Brown, Education Director at Children's Safari Private School, brings nearly a decade of dedication to our institution. With a background as a professional nanny before entering the preschool industry, she draws her inspiration from early influences in the world of education, always cherishing the importance of promoting Christian values. Beyond her professional life, Abbie is a loving mom to 8-year-old identical twin boys and has enjoyed a decade of marriage with her husband, Chris. Abbie's true passion lies in making a lasting impact on each child's life, driven by her deep love for children, education, and her unwavering dedication to conscious discipline while instilling Christian values. With her experience as a mother of twins and a committed spouse, Abbie understands the unique dynamics of family life and brings that understanding to her role as Education Director.



Program Coordinator

Courtney Pittmon serves as the Program Coordinator at Children's Safari Private School. Her journey with the school began in 2010 when she joined as a 2's teacher. Courtney's dedication and expertise quickly propelled her to the position of lead teacher in every age group within the center. Courtney's comprehensive experience across all areas of the center has made her an invaluable asset to the team, ultimately leading to her appointment as Program Coordinator. As a mother to a young son who grew up at Children's Safari, Courtney intimately understands the significance of early childhood education and is passionately committed to cultivating a nurturing environment for young children. Courtney Pittmon's dedication and experience make her an exceptional Program Coordinator at Children's Safari Private School, where her goal is to provide young children with the nurturing environment they need to thrive.

Students from Children's Safari Private School ready for an educational field trip, showcasing the school's activities.

Join our team of educators at Children's Safari Private School and empower students to thrive. Our supportive, dynamic environment nurtures growth and cultivates success. Embrace creativity and innovation within our collaborative and inclusive culture as we shape the future of our community together. Explore a variety of career opportunities within our vibrant and supportive environment.

At Children's Safari, diversity, inclusion, and innovation are not just values – they're integral to our mission of making a positive impact on children's lives. Submit your information today and become part of our team.


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